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Living Your Best Life through Healing Your Past, with Karen Cesario Rizzo

August 05, 2019 Matthew Pappas, CLC, MPNLP & Joanne Cipressi, CHt, CNLP
Beyond Your Past Radio
Living Your Best Life through Healing Your Past, with Karen Cesario Rizzo
Show Notes

When you come to a point in healing from your past, from all of the abuse, the trauma, the years of suffering, you may come to a point where you just break down, fall to your knees, and cry out for help. That's exactly what our guest on this episode of the podcast did, and the answers she received were life-changing.

Karen Cesario Rizzo is a spiritual coach, clairvoyant, and author: Having experienced tragedy and pain as a young child, I knew I felt different. But I always knew I was being protected by angels. I could hear them, feel them, speak to them and see them at an early age. After many years, I made the decision to lift the veil of pain and fear. It was a painful process I had to endure. As a result, I began experiencing increased psychic awareness beyond what I could comprehend. The journey has been amazing.

During our chat with Karen, we talked about her unique survivor story and the journey of healing that lead her to be in a place of writing two books so far, and sharing her clairvoyant gifts and experiences with others through her coaching program:

  • How she endured sexual abuse at the age of 7, from her father who was also an alcoholic and later took his own life.
  • The breaking point that she came too that literally had her on her knees crying out for help and answers, and the life-changing results that came with that cry for help.
  • How she learned that she could talk to angels and the healing benefits she experienced as a result; as well as how she began to develop this gift.
  • The importance of peeling off each layer of pain, sitting with those feelings, and learning how to heal them through counseling and therapy.
    • What you learn about yourself throughout that process
  • Working through the shame, pain, and victimization that comes with being a survivor so you can learn to see yourself through the eyes of love.
  • How radical acceptance can play such an important role in healing from your past.

Be sure and follow Karen Cesario Rizzo on her website and on Twitter: @KCesarioRizzo  and Facebook: FlyingOnEaglesWings

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