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Self-Esteem and Reframing Negative Core Beliefs in Healing from Complex PTSD.

September 30, 2019 Matthew Pappas, CLC, MPNLP
Beyond Your Past Radio
Self-Esteem and Reframing Negative Core Beliefs in Healing from Complex PTSD.
Show Notes

Today's guest on the podcast, Austin Robin, is a survivor of childhood trauma and lives with Complex PTSD. She has also hosted her own podcast, "The Complexities Podcast", where she shares in-depth about her story and the challenges of living as a survivor and healing. While the show is currently on hiatus, it's most definitely worth a listen to the 30+ episodes.

During our chat, Austin shares some of her back story of being a survivor, and we dive into some specific areas surrounding self-esteem:

  • Her survivor story of abuse includes abandonment, neglect, and living with a narcissistic family.
  • How going No-Contact with her father and mother was the best decision she ever made and was instrumental in her healing.
    • Healing is exponentially more difficult when you are still in a toxic environment. Finding a way to break free is key.
  • Understanding the reasons why you struggle with self-esteem, and perhaps downright hate yourself; where those feelings come from.
  • Finding a reason to break free, go no contact, and take control of your healing. Even if that reason isn't "you", just find any reason to cling too.
    • How eventually just finding any reason can lead to you learning to put yourself first.
  • Her struggles with an eating disorder, that included checking herself into a medical facility to get help.
  • The strategy of getting to a neutral place, before you try and go full speed ahead with your healing. Learning to embrace that "maybe I'm not quite so bad" is a key step, and can lead to "I'm a pretty resilient, amazing person".

All this and more during my chat with Austin Robin. While Austin is not actively podcasting at this present time, and taking a break from social media, she can be reached via the Complexities Podcast Instagram Page or by emailing her directly at Complexities dot Podcast at gmail dot com.

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