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Navigating Daily Life and Continued Healing, after Sharing Your Survivor Story, with Larry Ruhl.

October 07, 2019 Matthew Pappas, CLC, MPNLP
Beyond Your Past Radio
Navigating Daily Life and Continued Healing, after Sharing Your Survivor Story, with Larry Ruhl.
Show Notes

Friend of the podcast, author, artist, and survivor, Larry Ruhl, joins us to talk about what life has been like since he released his book, "Breaking the Ruhls", and the new challenges that daily life brings after his openly wrote about his experiences.

Larry joined the podcast previously, back in episode 72, where he talked about the experience of writing his book, why he did it, and the message he wants to share through his writing.

Larry Ruhl serves as a board member for Taking Back Ourselves, which facilitates weekends of recovery for female survivors of sexual abuse, and is a registered speaker with the RAINN network (Rape Abuse Incest National Network). He previously served as a board member at Male Survivor. He also spoke at colleges and retreats to increase awareness of sexual abuse against men and boys. Today he shares his story publicly to spread awareness and to help others shed the shame and stigma associated with sexual abuse. He graduated from the Fashion Institute of Technology (FIT), with a degree in Display & Exhibit Design, and worked as a creative director at a textile firm for ten years until opening his own home furnishings/interior design business in 2004. He works as an artist and designer in the Hudson Valley. You can learn more about Larry on his websites, and

During my chat with Larry, he gives us a recap on what's been happening in his life since his book has been published, including new speaking opportunities at conferences and some travel he's been able to do in support of his art.

  • We also dive more deeply into the challenges and rewards that come with writing a book about your experiences.
  • Larry shares about dealing with the personal struggle of some family members who may support you but choose to keep the struggles you share at a distance.
  • We talk about navigating daily life after sharing your story openly, and the struggles of keeping up with self-care, along with the challenge of handling triggers, especially new ones that may come up.
  • We discuss the importance of being open to exploring new coping strategies in ongoing healing, even if you have a solid arsenal of go-to skills.
  • Being fully present in your body and being open to exploring new memories, personal struggles, or other challenges with your therapist, even if you feel like you've already done extensive healing.

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