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Taking Charge of Your Trauma Narrative, with Dorothy Pierre-Joseph.

October 14, 2019 Matthew Pappas, CLC, MPNLP
Beyond Your Past Radio
Taking Charge of Your Trauma Narrative, with Dorothy Pierre-Joseph.
Show Notes

How do you figure out what a trauma narrative is, how do you even know if what you went through was indeed trauma? What steps can you take to make sense of all the struggles you've endured throughout life, and how can they be traced back to that trauma you may have experienced?

These types of questions are what our guest on the podcast helps you begin to figure out. Dorothy Pierre-Joseph talks about the movement she is starting,  "The Trauma Tour", where you can come and experience a safe place of learning about trauma and how to not only tell your story but also embrace the progress you make as you begin to heal.

As Dorothy Pierre-Joseph outlines on her website: Born to immigrant parents from Haiti, I can tell you from experience that life can be challenging. I was a product of a very abusive relationship and a victim of sexual abuse as a child. Much of my life was spent in anger and darkness. My decisions were heavily influenced by my brokenness. However, I always had a passion for learning and helping. I just did not realize that in order to fully help others I had to get healing myself. After a tumultuous period in my life, I attempted suicide and that was the turning point in my life.

During our chat, Dorothy begins by sharing her background, which is in Psychiatric Nursing, and the circumstances that lead her to change her career direction from seeking to become a doctor, to become a nurse.

We discuss what a trauma narrative is, and how when we begin to first tell our story, it's often from the perspective of being a victim because that's all we know. She shares how we learn to tell our story as we heal and not make the victim side of the story, the only side of the story. As Dorothy mentions, "Learning to Command Your Story, not Your Story Command You".

She shares how as you begin to heal, not only does your story change but you change. You become more confident, more empowered, and able to release the shame of what you not be bound by those experiences in life.

We also discuss more about the Trauma Tour that she created, how to inform and educate your childeren about your struggles as you navigate your own healing while being a parent, and much more.

If you'd like to learn more about Dorothy Pierre-Joseph and the Trauma Tour, check out her website,

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