Beyond Your Past Radio

What We Learned in Therapy and How We Continue to Heal.

December 02, 2019 Matthew Pappas, CLC, MPNLP
Beyond Your Past Radio
What We Learned in Therapy and How We Continue to Heal.
Show Notes

The long-awaited and wildly anticipated (more or less) return of the Mental Health Megacast is here! Season 3, Ep. 2 I believe is where we are, although truth be told it's hard to say for sure what episode it is. If you're a regular listener of these podcast episodes with Wes, Mike, and Myself, you know that episode numbers and times are a running joke with us.

Anyways, on to the topic of What We've Learned About Ourselves Through Therapy. We discuss, in a round table format coming from 3 guys who are mental health advocates and recovering from our own struggles, not only what we've learned but also the struggle of overcoming the shame and stigma that therapy can bring.

It's a candid chat where we talk openly about our own lessons and struggles and ways we've found to overcome some aspects of our past and of course still continue to figure out much of it as we go.

Anyways, just in case you aren’t familiar with the Megacasts, you can check out past episodes here, and also my cohorts platforms as well….

To that end, the Megacast is the combined collaborative brain powers (more or less) of Wes from and Mike from, and myself.  I encourage you to check out and follow them online and through your favorite podcasting platform. Each of these guys has a tremendous message to share and an inspiring and unique way in how they go about it.

We hope you enjoy this latest episode, and if you do have suggestions for future shows, we are always happy to field your ideas. One of the best things about these episodes is that that they are completely unedited, unscripted, just us hanging out and having a chat, to which you are always invited to listen in on.

Be sure and follow Wes on Twitter @WesA1966 and Mike @Mike_Douglas_ & Open_Journal_  …oh and don’t forget to follow and subscribe to all of our shows on your favorite podcasting app!


All conversation and information shared during participation on the Beyond Your Past Radio, and on is intended for educational and informational purposes only. Nothing on these podcasts or posted on the above-mentioned website are supplements for or supersedes the relationship and direction of your medical or mental health providers.

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